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We're always on the lookout for interesting classic hardware to study, especially rare hardware in danger of being lost or hardware that no longer works.  Broken circuit boards and damaged chips are perfect for our methods which, ironically, involve completely and utterly destroying things in order to preserve them.  We create accurate digital models of hardware - models that function exactly like the real thing - and by sacrificing just one single artifact, can create a digital model that will live on long after the last of the original hardware is gone.

Here's a list of boards and chips we've aquired as well as hardware we'd like to have.  In general, anything built before about 1985 is interesting. Chips with metal lids or ceramic sandwich packages are preferable, but we have a reliable method for dissolving plastic packages. We also prefer to receive entire systems or motherboards rather than having you desolder or cut out a chip.

* Apple II or II+ motherboard and add-in cards
* Atari 400, 800 home computers
* Arcade motherboards (working or broken)
* Atari 5200

Chips in our collection:
See the sortable list on our wiki