Atari C012294 POKEY

We're glad to have received an Atari POKEY from Ivo van Poorten of the Netherlands. Ivo reports that the chip came from a 1987 Atari 7800 Ballblazer cartridge.  He was also quick to point out how Doug Neubauer and Mark Shiue left their names on the silicon.

The surface image below was produced from 81 separate images taken with a Nikon LV150 microscope with an LU Plan Fluor 20x objective and 1600x1200 camera.  The 5131 x 4575 image is reduced to half the size of the original stitch. Each pixel in this image corresponds to an area about 755 nm on a side. A 1 mm scale bar, 6 um, and 12 um squares are provided at the bottom of the image.

1600 x 1427  JPG  889 kb
5131 x 4575  JPG  7.4 MB
5131 x 4575  JPG  538 kb

The surface images were shot by Greg James in San Francisco, then transmitted to the UK where Christian Sattler corrected and stitched them together automatically using a combination of Autopano-sift-C and custom code. A map of stitched images is shown on the right.

We've copied a datasheet from (

Christian Sattler delayered the chip and prepared these aligned images, which you can also view in his interactive browser.

1600 x 1420  JPG  768.2 kb
9952 x 8834  JPG  15.6 MB
9951 x 8833  PNG  345.0 kb
1600 x 1420  JPG  654.0 kb
9952 x 8834  JPG  13.2 MB
9951 x 8833  PNG  375.7 kb
1600 x 1420  JPG  619.9 kb
9952 x 8834  JPG  12.4 MB
9951 x 8833  PNG  407.0 kb
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