MOS 6581 SID

We're preparing and photographing a MOS 6581 SID. Here are early images

1600 x 1385 4.27 mb
8500 x 7359 12.4 mb
The die shot is stitched from many separate microscope shots from a Nikon LV150 with an LU Plan Fluor 20x objective. Images were shot by Greg James in San Francisco, then corrected and stitched automatically by Christian Sattler in the UK, using Autopano-sift-C and custom code.

Tommi Lempinen has built bitmap representations of the various SID layers. His work is available at To assist with those bitmaps, here's the image of the partly stripped chip scaled and rotated to the same orientation as Tommi's 16820 x 14629 images, but reduced by 1/2 in each dimension.

1600 x 1392 4.34 mb
8400 x 7315 12.8 mb