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Notes on the original 650X schematics from MOS Technology, as safeguarded by Donald F Hanson.



In 1979, Donald F Hanson sought original design data for microprocessors and contacted several microelectronics companies. MOS Technology provided him with blueprint copies of two sheets which make up the logic diagram for a 6502-series microprocessor.

In 2011 he kindly forwarded scans of these two sheets to the visual6502 project and agreed that we could show details from them with a credit line as follows:

 Credit:  “MOS Technology, 1974-75, 6502 rev C, for educational use only.”

For further details of his improved modelling language for MOS design, see [his paper].

We thank Dr Hanson for these materials. Our analysis of the schematics follows below.


Pin Names

Chip Versions: 6501 and 6502

Chip Revision C, ROR Bug, Other Errors

Schematic Errors


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