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About me

I'm a 46 year old electronic engineer living in Cambridge UK. Started off doing 4 years as a technical author, went round the world, and have been doing small scale design and technician work. I'm a bit overqualified as a technician, but the work is reliable and lower stress. I also do a manual job in the evening, so I don't get home till about 10 pm.

I've been doing the 2-job thing since Dec. 2005, so almost all my spare time has gone. My hobby projects are in stasis. My last project was cloning the Acorn atom in a Xilinx FPGA. I succeeded and added many features that were not on the original. Colour, sound, hardware cursor, I2C, etc. Since then, HDTVs have become the norm. So the next step (when I get some spare time) is to modify the design to drive a high-res screen by 'stretching' low res pixels over many high-res pixels. I'll have to buy a hi-def TV for that.

The best 6502 machine was the Atari 800 series. I've got an eye on cloning that based on my Atom Clone. The fundamental timing of video and memory is purposely identical. I have a VHDL model of the POKEY chip from MikeJ of FPGA Arcade, and have had that running in my Atom. I have a real Atari 800XL to use as a reference during development.

Sandpit area

Under development. I compiled a spreadsheet listing chips that were being reverse engineered by anyone. It also includes chips the Visual Chip group already have, and do not need further samples thereof.

This is the table so far. As I expected, it is rather wide.

Nice feature is the sort by buttons. People can list things by manufacturer or progress. Progress is a bit tricky, as one needs an ascending alphanumeric code to sort.

Date codes have been made ISO compliant, to avoid any month/day number order confusion.

Note from Ed: table copied elsewhere: thanks! (moved rather than copied, to avoid duplication)

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