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This is the wiki of the VisualChips project, and these are the policies agreed by the administration team.

Please respect our wishes to maintain the value of this wiki, by following these policies.

  • Account creation is presently disabled because of trouble with spammers
    • To get an account, please mail us using the address found on
    • Please give us some details of your interest, your previous projects and your intended contribution
  • Please maintain a user page with at least a minimal sketch of your background or interests
  • We welcome constructive contributions, such as
    • Adding information to an existing page
    • Adding links inline or to a Resources section
    • Adding section headers to a long page
    • Adding an explanatory paragraph ahead of a list
    • Fixing spelling or punctuation
  • Please open a discussion on a talk page before embarking on major work, such as:
    • Changing any statements of fact
    • Renaming pages
    • Reworking section structure on a page
    • Adding a page or moving content from one page to another
    • Any series of related edits which would be tedious to revert

This is how we view the wiki:

  • We prefer larger pages rather than many very small ones - multi-screen pages are fine
  • Multi-screen pages should have sections
  • The wiki is the public face of our project
    • we want our positive progress and our successes to be easy to find
      • our most active and well known projects should feature on the front page
    • we want to minimise stubs and missing pages
    • we don't need to collect long to-do lists or wish lists
  • We do not aim to be encyclopaedic - we should link to existing well-maintained resources like wikipedia or other archaeology sites rather than re-presenting material found elsewhere
  • The majority of the content should be our factual findings, and our progress.
    • Also explanations, if we have good ones not found elsewhere, and if they arise from our reverse engineering.
    • Anything which can be migrated out to Wikipedia and accepted there need not be kept here.
  • Page names should have meaningful prefixes so the alphabetic index makes sense
  • Pages should not consist of an unadorned list - there should be an orientation paragraph and optionally a sentence for each sub page.
    • For example, we might have a list of pages one for each chip in progress, and that list can be decorated with a brief statement of the state of play. (Even though that is a minor duplication of information.)
  • Most pages should have a Resources section with external links - we don't need citations everywhere, but we do want to be part of a larger web.
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